Fake It Till You Make: Overcoming your fear of the new

The Joys of ReadingWe often hear someone tell a newbie at something to fake it till you make it. Wikipedia, the lazy man’s encyclopedia (I love it.), states that this saying “suggests by imitating confidence, competence, and an optimistic mindset, a person can realize those qualities in their real life.”

Now, here we are talking about behaviors, not competences. It’s never okay to say you can speak Spanish or write code when you’ve never done it before. And it isn’t okay to misrepresent yourself. But it is okay, and often wise, to put a smile on even when you aren’t feeling it.

Too often, we wait until we think we’re ready, until we’re feeling it. Unfortunately, our feelings often work against us. Two things feelings are good for, to protect us from threats or from falling on our faces. These are the very risks that we have to face when we attempt something new. Continue reading “Fake It Till You Make: Overcoming your fear of the new”

Slow Down and Enjoy Your life

Running on a Treadmill

Everyone seems so busy nowadays. Rush, rush, rush. It’s almost like we’re afraid that if we slow down, the world will turn against us.

Sometimes, it’s wise to step off the treadmill. Recently, on The Write Conversation, I wrote about slowing down for the summer and some advantages I’ve found. Continue reading “Slow Down and Enjoy Your life”

It’s On The Tip of My Tongue

By Tim Suddeth

Tools a writer needs.We have all been captured by the power of words. Whether it was a line from a summer song, a love poem from a not-so-secret admirer, or a campfire tale that made your skin tingle; we well save been captured in the grip of used words.

On The Write Conversation, I wrote about how you can have that one perfect word in you writing toolbox. You can find the link here.

I would love for you to return and leave a comment about a well-turned phrase that has stuck in your mind.

Until next time, happy reading.