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The Gift of Time

It has rained so much around here. Finally, after at least a week of rain and clouds, the sun has come out today. It is so inviting to run outside. Having grown up on a farm, I can imagine how badly the farmers want to go out and work in their fields.

But the time hasn’t come yet. Although the sun is out, our ground is still saturated. If they tried to drive their tractor into their fields, they are very likely to get stuck, at best they will leave tire ruts where they’ve gone.

That is a good example of many of us. Because we have been stuck in our homes, and not been able to get out and meet our friends and do many of the things we normally enjoy, we’ve become stuck in our ruts of doing the same old same old.

This month, over on The Write Conversation,  I wrote an article about how easy it is to get comfortable, for me it’s in my recliner, and not do the things that I enjoy. That may touch someone else. That God has called me to and given me the opportunity to do.

I’m caught in the web of inertia.

Which is sad, because we only have this allotted time that we’ve been given to do so much.

In my post, you can see where I go into more details on this. Here is the link.

How To Fight Through The Pandemic

Is it safe to come out?

Is it safe to come out?

This pandemic has overturned many of our dreams. Whether you were making plans for a wedding, hunt for a new career, or work on your writing, the virus has made you either postpone or rethink your plans.

Americans first learned about the virus in March when the president came on TV and told her that our economy would be closing. New phrases have entered our everyday speech like social distancing, flattening the curve, and asymptomatic. We also had to rearrange our habits by wearing masks, not eating out, and doing school online.

Most areas in our lives have been impacted. And no one knows when we can get back to normal or even how normal that normal will look.

Yet, we are all going through this and we all have to be alert to keep from getting depressed. It is hard to be hopeful when you don’t know what to expect in the future. But that is exactly what we are called to do during this time.

One thing that helps is to remember as dark and final this feels, it is only for a season. Things will change. And each of us can make the best of the opportunities that will come.

Over on The Write Conversation, I offer some tips to help get through this dark period. (Link here.)There are still some things we can control.  We need to focus on them.

In the mean time, know we are all trying to get through this. Have grace on others and also yourself.

Reemerging From A Pandemic


Quarantine in 2020

For the last month or so, I have been like most Americans and staying home, quarantining while our nation tries to get a better handle on this COVID-19 outbreak.

This goes against what I normally do during a crisis. Actually, I’ve never had a crisis like this. When we’ve had wars, it has always been over there, and as a nation, we send folks, usually our young, to fight while I get to stay home and really see little change in my daily life.

Oh, gas prices might go up a little, but nothing that really affects me.

But this, this has affected everything I see as normal. Restaurants closed, hair salons closed, schools closed, all sports both pro and college closed (No college basketball tournaments, no Triple Crown, and, gasp, no Masters.), all parks are closed, newscasts are done at the newscasters’ homes, and (a most cruel blow) bowling alleys are closed. Continue reading

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