Making Sawdust

I looked at my writing journal today and had my fears realized. It’s been three weeks sinceWriting Journal I’ve written.

I knew it had been a while, but three weeks. How did that happen? One day at a time. Different things kept coming up. I’ll start on time –– tomorrow. Oh, I’ve thought about it, read about it. Even went to a writers’ conference. But now I feel I’m out of the habit. Inertia has set in.

So, what am I going to do about it? How do you change inertia? I’ve decided I’m going to make sawdust.

Making sawdust
Making sawdust

When you work with wood, whether drilling, carving, or whittling (what?), one of the results is sawdust. It’s not the result you’re working toward, but it shows activity. That you are working.

So that was my goal today. And will be tomorrow. Just take one step forward.

Make some sawdust.


Ten Things a Writer Does on His Birthday

It’s my birthday and I thought, what would a writer do? So I made a list.

Birthday cake

  1. Speak in dialogue.
  2. Get up early in case there are traffic issues on the way to the office/dining room.
  3. Wait for the ‘surprise’ party from my dogs.the three in window
  4. Are more food fights started by throwing cakes or pies?
  5. Check email for birthday wishes.
  6. Check to see who shares my birthday: Ronald Reagan, Tom Brokow. Babe Ruth. I think I fit right in.
  7. Argue with spell check. That I before E rule is seriously flawed.
  8. Is Starbucks the only cool place where writers hangout?coffee-cups02
  9. Argue with the editor that contractions should count as two words. Well they should. They’re just combined.
  10. And number ten. Meet a deadline once again.

Why Do You Do What You Do


As I look over my blog postings for 2014, they look rather…pathetic. Only eight postings for the whole year. None from July to December. ( As you can tell from my posts, I love Christmas.)

So what cause the drop off? My life and goals have been changing.

Before, I wanted to help people establish and grow in their careers. I saw, and experienced, how hard it is to face all the options we have in careers and job seeking, and how much easier it becomes when you know what tools and resources are available.

When you are working, you don’t keep up with all the websites and changes in communication that occurs.

Going on a journey

Then when you have to start looking for a new job, you feel you have to have it now and you don’t want to spend time going through a learning curve. Helping people navigate all that is still noble role, but I was surprised to learn my heart just wasn’t in it.


It was a drastic change that caught me off guard.

What I want to do is write. The other was just a means to help me get there. So I am undertaking another journey of learning. It seems you can never escape that when you change direction or focus there will be new things you’ll have to learn to make your journey successful.

I’ve started working on a novel, have some others waiting on the tarmac, and hope to write some articles for magazines. This can become a solitary endeavor if I let it. We hear stories all the time of writers who become hermits and shut themselves away for their craft. It doesn’t have to be.

I have been very fortunate to find some good groups and people to learn from and with. I have two groups I meet with monthly, ACFW and Cross N Pens take a bow. And conferences that I discovered last year and found very insightful. I’ve learned what great people some writers are.

So what does all that mean? Do I want to keep doing this blog?

I had to ask myself, why?

For fame? Fame is too fleeting and you can never catch it, you just end up spending your life chasing it. And then you find you’ve caught––. What?

If you think fame is pleasing everyone else, don’t bother. People are too fickle and there will always be someone unhappy with your success.

Fortune? Ha ha. That’s a good one.

To share with others? Definitely. Why else would you write on a public website.

To teach others? Hmm. If that implies I know what I am doing and won’t make any

Helping Others
Helping Others

mistakes, not hardly. If that means sharing what I am doing, whether it works or not, then we can talk. And sometimes what you think is a mistake, isn’t. It just had different results than you expected.

To have success? Some of my earlier blogs talked about success and what it means. And we’ll look at it more in the future, because it is important to so many of us and we need to keep our eyes on real success and not get distracted.

So why blog?

For me, this is a journey. I don’t know the destination. But I do know that others have walked it and others will be following behind me. By sharing, maybe this will become less of a lonely walk and more of a journey with friends, some known and some to meet.

And who knows what sights or adventures we’ll experience.