2012 Regional Economic Scoreboard

2012 Scorecard Summary

I want to bring attention to the 2012 Regional Economic Scorecard that was done through the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. They compared Greenville and the Greenville area to other comparable locations. One of the biggest points that the study makes is that Greenville has undergone a large decline in per capita personal income over the past decade.

That our individual incomes have decline is no surprise to anyone. That it declined compared to other regions is a concern that we need to address. It is studies like this that helps us identify what we need to address. Now the concern is do we have leaders that will notice and step up to take the steps that are necessary to help us make up the ground we have lost.

The study estimates that if we were able just to stay even with the national average, we would have an additional $11.1 billion  in spendable income for the local area. that is a lot of peaches and tomatoes.

In 2010, which is the last data available, we did show a small upturn. Now we need to determine what caused it and how to ensure it continues.

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Greenville has gained a great reputation for being a great mid-sized city to work or start a business. Companies move here because they are aware of our diversed and knowledgable workforce with current skills and good work ethics. The people are friendly. And there are several educational institutes in the area.

Greenville has undergone several transformations as the local economy has evolved through different challenges. South Carolina is very pro-business in its mindset and legislation. The local political war-cry is “more jobs.”

Greenville has been blessed with many pioneers with the entrepreneurial spirit. Clemson University (Go Tigers!) is a leader in helping to grow an environment conducive to successful businesses. They are relocating several of their Master programs to the downtown area.

Another new source of development will be in healthcare education. USC (University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!)) is bringing a school for doctors to the upstate. This is really good news for the upstate since there is a fear of a shortage of doctors in the near future. It will be interesting to see the ratio of South Carolina studentscompared to other participants.

One complaint of a local human resource manager that I heard lately is that it is hard to get their employees to relocate to other areas, especially north. Though South Carolina is notorious for low pay, the cost of living seems to make it more palatable. Also, the pace of life and the weather makes the area a good place to “set roots”.

In future posts, we will explore the different projects and job fields that contribute to the local economy. We will also look at different occupations and careers from a local point of view. Like all of the US, Greenville’s economy is undergoing a seismic shift (Yes that big) due to several global forces. These will also be topics for future posts.

This is an exciting, and scary time, and I will try to keep us informed of how it all works together. I look forward to your views and comments to help us all have a better understanding and appreciation of the world around us.