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Vacation Musings

I just got back from vacation at our favorite location, Charleston, SC. We had a blast and my son got to do two of his favorite things; walk in front of Rainbow Row and “Ride-on-a-boat.” The smiles on his face were priceless, or it will feel like that when we get the credit card bills next month. But even while I was gone, big things were happening in Greenville. So I will just make a few observations.

The new inland port that is coming brings up a few questions. How are we going to handle the additional traffic? I was comforted this morning when I read in “The Greenville News” that the South Carolina DOT is on top of it and is making plans. They can’t say how many additional trucks will be involved or what their traffic plans are, but with their record of bringing great ROI, doesn’t it make you feel very comforted they are at the helm? (Port reference intended.)

My son is excited about seeing the boats he saw in the port at Charleston, in Greenville County. I will let you explain that to him.

I was also happy to see Governor Haley is getting her re-election campaign together. Let’s see, we just closed state employment offices in 17 counties, the most rural and often with the highest unemployment rate, because they did not have enough traffic to call for keeping them open. So to get Mrs. Hailey to keep her job, we call that retention; she is planning to hire 32 people. Good God!!! Thirty two people per participant!. No wonder they closed the offices down. I just hope she hires local…and the unemployed. Then we should be proud of her.

Where The Jobs Are

Have you ever wondered where the jobs are around here? How can I find a job without having to move? One tool that we have to use is the SCWorks website.

SCWorks.org is the South Carolina’s largest workforce development database. It is the website that all of South Carolina’s state and local workforce services and resources uses to list jobs. It is the means for South Carolina to link employers to job seekers.

Although it is not the most user friendly website, there is a mountain of information that someone can find on this website. One bit of information you can find is the top 25 employers with job listings in a selected region. I pulled this information tonight for the county of Greenville. The top 25 are:

  1.   Greenville Hospital System    310
  2.   BiLo, Corporation    181
  3.   Pizza Hut    170
  4.   Bon Secours Health System Inc.    74
  5.   AT&T    68
  6.   Zaxby’s Inc.    67
  7.   Dollar General    67
  8.   TD Bank N.A.    59
  9.   Windstream Communications    59
  10.   McDonald’s Corporation    56
  11.   PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.    52
  12.   The Home Depot, Inc    51
  13.   HCR ManorCare    49
  14.   Greenville Technical College    46
  15.   Family Dollar Stores, Inc.    44
  16.   Trustaff    41
  17.   Henry Schein, Inc.    38
  18.   Great Clips    38
  19.   Saint Francis Hospital    36
  20.   C&S Wholesale Grocers    33
  21.   Aerotek, Inc.    33
  22.   Universal Services of America    32
  23.   Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.    30
  24.   Michelin North America, Inc    29
  25.   Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.    29

Now, how do I use this? We know these companies are hiring. Do they have a job listing for you? If not, are you looking for a support position that may not be listed but they will need?

The website has contact information for all of these companies. Good luck.

Watch Where You Step: Argument for Career Planning

“Watch where you step.” Having grown up on a farm that often included cows and a pony, that directive took on a more intensive urgency to me. It is also good advice when we are talking about your career.

Many of us go through our careers blindly; never looking ahead or planning the next move. I once watched my nephew run through my cousin’s dairy farm, wincing with every step. All that he had at risk was a pair of tennis shoes. Should we put our careers at the same risk? When you multiply your annual income by the years you have left to work, that adds up to a bunch of lattes or green fees.

One of the problems with planning a career is that things are changing so fast. They say that many of the jobs that will exist in ten years are not around today. This requires that you know the trends that are taking place in your workplace.

Many of us are working in jobs that we started years ago with plans to move up, only to put those plans on the shelf when the recession took over. Can you believe that was five years ago? What are you doing now to make the next move? Or are you too afraid to move? What will it take to get you out of your rut?

With employers starting to ramp up their hiring, now is the time to get back in the market. First step, determine where you want to plant your foot. Most people follow CareerBuilder, Monster and other job websites. Less than 5% of jobs are listed through them. A better and more proactive method is to target a company and position and then find a way to apply for it. Most jobs are not advertised so waiting for it to be listed can take a long time. It is a terrible feeling to want a job at a place you frequent, only to see a new face at the desk the next time you go in. The majority of jobs are filled by networking, both by the applicant and the business.

The second step, look up. Take a longer view and see what direction you want to go. This does not have to be a particular position, but it could be as simple as wanting to work with seniors, wanting to work locally, wanting to travel, photography, being your own boss. Where do you want the journey to take you?

Two great resources to help you determine what direction you want to go are the books What Color Is You Parachute? and Fire Your Boss. Both of these gives advice on identifying what is important to you and planning how to get it.

Many of us refuse to do the hard work when it comes to job searching. Oh, we will send out hundreds of resumes and applications. Travel to dozens of interviews all over the county. But we refuse to do the introspection that is required to determine what we need to be satisfied in our jobs. Then we complain or suffer through a job that does not fit us well. I suggest you find a coach or counselor to help with this. This could be one of the best investments in you that you will ever make.

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