Unleash the Artist Inside

We all have the tools for creativity inside us.
We all have the tools for creativity inside us.

It is the start of September and, for many, school. It is a time that our minds go back to learning. Learning is something we never outgrow. And learning a new type of art, whether visual or written, exercises the creative parts of our minds.

In my post for The Write Conversation, I talk about three things we all have inside us that help us be creative. As children, we exercise them all the time when we’re playing. But as we ‘grow up’, we start to use them less.

But being creative is important to all of us. And each of us has the ability inside of us. Click here to find my description of three tools we all have at our disposal to unleash the artist inside each of us.

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Don’t Let the Blank Page Get the Better of You

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Soaring Over The Bar

by Tim Suddeth

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