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I’ve spoken to many people who had something they wanted to share, maybe with their family, their, community, or to a larger audience. Over on The Write Conversation, I share some of the different mediums that are available and their pro and cons. (Click here.)Perfect grammar is optional. That’s what rewriting is far.

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Remembering Their Sacrifice on Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Veterans’ graves

Today, we in the United States celebrate Memorial Day by remembering their sacrifice.  It is the day we’ve set aside to remember our soldiers who gave their lives in service. It is the day dedicate to remembering what we cannot forget every other day of the year.

The loss of the incalculable treasure of our young men and women.

When I think about these soldiers, I think of the sacrifice they and their families made for so many, Continue reading “Remembering Their Sacrifice on Memorial Day”

Be Bold, Even When You’re Knees Shake

Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy. When opportunity knocks, we think of fifteen reasons why we shouldn’t open the door, aren’t worthy of opening the door, or can’t open the door. And so the prize goes to the next person down the street.

I posted about this on Edie Melson’s  blog, The Write Conversation, where I talk about Presence by Amy Cuddy.

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