Soaring Over The Bar

by Tim Suddeth

In Max Lucado’s Cast of Characters: Lost & Found, he has a chapter about the woman who was caught in adultery and dragged before Jesus by the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. It’s a great illustration of the tension that exists between two of our common desires: the desire for justice and the desire for mercy. Continue reading “Soaring Over The Bar”

Leaving a Legacy with a Story

For many of us, one of our heart’s desires is to leave a legacy for our children. In my June post on The Write Conversation, I give some tips to writing children stories and books.

You can read it here. 

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The Evolution of a Story

The process of writing amazes me. There is so much involved in making it look simple, natural. Being a part of the process is humbling. To feel the birth of an idea intrude in your thoughts, whether you’re looking for it or not. Then to see it become something that entertains or delights someone else. We talk about the craft of writing, and we try to get people to believe that it’s hard work, but often the hardest thing to do is to sit quietly and let the story develop in our minds, or come to us from. . . wherever.

I’ve recently realized that a writer’s story isn’t just one story. It’s several. And they can be very different. Continue reading “The Evolution of a Story”