Finding Hope In A Mysterious World

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Tim Suddeth lives in the Greenville, SC area and am very interested in writing for blogs and magazines. He has been published in and Guideposts magazine. Currently working on his first novel about a family dealing with autism.
He is a graduate of Clemson University and Southeastern Theological Seminary. Married with one incredible young son and two schnauzers.

Summer Reading in July

The Joys of ReadingSometimes reading is a breeze and you can just while away the hours between the pages of a book. I love those days when you can lose yourself in a story, maybe even enter another world a la The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Then there are times like I had this month when I started a couple of different books and went bleh . . . and set them aside.

One of the highlights I did find was a book by Continue reading

Fighting Complacency

This month, in my post on Edie Melson’s The Write Conversation, Puff sleepingI examine our tendencies to become complacent in our spiritual lives. Merriam-Webster defines being complacent as being “marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.”

Self-satisfaction. Unawareness. These are especially dangerous when it concerns our relationship with our Lord. Use this link to read more on why complacency is so dangerous.

Two Great Times To Read: June Readings

There are two times of the year that are great

Sock Monkey reading

Sock Monkey reading by a window.

to be inside reading. One is when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s even better when there’s a blizzard outside. (Here in South Carolina that means a lone snowflake was seen only a mile down the road. ((In the summer, our crepe myrtle can cause a bit of confusion.))

The other time is when it’s hot as blazes. Now, I grew up on a local farm. Hot is when it’s over 96 degrees and you can fry your eggs on the sidewalk. The young weather folks on our local station think it’s hot when we hit 90.

I call that summer in South Carolina. Continue reading

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