Fight Cyberbullying With Positive Words – Advice from Lori Hatcher

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Before I direct you to a great post by Lori Hatcher about the power of positive words, I want to tell you about some thoughts I have for the direction of this blog.

As you can see from my recent posts, I’ve gotten negligent in my posting. When I think about it, the reason is simple, I’ve lost my focus.

I know many other bloggers run into this. I’ve had this blog going since 2013. The ideas I started with have run out, and my life and  many of my goals have changed. When I started, the purpose of this blog was to help people find jobs and grow in their careers. Although that’s important, it’s no longer my priority.

But not only did my focus change, I was trying to write as the mood hit. It’s hard to continue when you don’t have a goal, a destination.

So, for the next little while, I’m concentrating on a few topics I find important: Continue reading “Fight Cyberbullying With Positive Words – Advice from Lori Hatcher”

Unleash the Artist Inside

We all have the tools for creativity inside us.
We all have the tools for creativity inside us.

It is the start of September and, for many, school. It is a time that our minds go back to learning. Learning is something we never outgrow. And learning a new type of art, whether visual or written, exercises the creative parts of our minds.

In my post for The Write Conversation, I talk about three things we all have inside us that help us be creative. As children, we exercise them all the time when we’re playing. But as we ‘grow up’, we start to use them less.

But being creative is important to all of us. And each of us has the ability inside of us. Click here to find my description of three tools we all have at our disposal to unleash the artist inside each of us.

Thank you for reading and leave your comments below.

Don’t Let the Blank Page Get the Better of You

One of the biggest fears of a writer is encountering that monster called an empty page. It holds so much of promise of what could be, that it paralyzes you and you fight with the words that thoughts until they vanish. And you are left staring into the empty page abyss. Continue reading “Don’t Let the Blank Page Get the Better of You”