Two Great Times To Read: June Readings

There are two times of the year that are great

Sock Monkey reading
Sock Monkey reading by a window.

to be inside reading. One is when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s even better when there’s a blizzard outside. (Here in South Carolina that means a lone snowflake was seen only a mile down the road. ((In the summer, our crepe myrtle can cause a bit of confusion.))

The other time is when it’s hot as blazes. Now, I grew up on a local farm. Hot is when it’s over 96 degrees and you can fry your eggs on the sidewalk. The young weather folks on our local station think it’s hot when we hit 90.

I call that summer in South Carolina. Continue reading “Two Great Times To Read: June Readings”

Having an Open Conversation

We are living in a day of so much change.

Listen to me!
           Listen to me!

We had already experienced how the world was getting smaller and faster. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To be so small it certainly came in with a roar. Then, here in America, the protests began.

It seems so hard to communicate, not just make noise with, to anyone, whether on-line or in person. Continue reading “Having an Open Conversation”

Reading During A Quarantine

April 2020 has been a time like none other. Most of America have been quarantined because of the COVID-19 virus and we are just now sticking our heads out of our homes.

You would think that during a quarantine would be the best time to catch up on your reading. I’m discovering, however, that even now, there are little imps who want to sneak in and steal your reading pleasure.

For many of you, it is probably being stuck in the house with the whole, every single one, entire family. If you’re like me, you love each of them and they are so special, but can’t they go some place else for a while? Why do they have to be so loud when you pick up a book? Continue reading “Reading During A Quarantine”