I started this blog because I wanted to get the news out about what is happening in Greenville and how people can use it to help them advance in their careers or businesses. I am very fortunate to work in a job where I am able to influence the choices people make and instruct them in how to either search for a job or begin a business. I meet new people or agencies that can use someone to help get their information out to others who can use them. Job seekers often do not know all the resources that are available to them because they were not interested when they were working. Now, however, they are in a crisis mode and feel they cannot get the information fast enough.

A blog allows me to connect people to others who may be in the same situation or in a position to help or give advice. It allows me to reach more people quicker than any other. A classroom has a seating limit, this website practically does not. It also allows me to keep my information up to date, unlike a book or magazine that is difficult to update.

I need your help. Please help me stay on track with my articles. If you hear of a new resource, please contact me. Hopefully I/we can be a source of information to help people in making their decisions about their careers or growing a business.

I plan to have future articles on local resources that may not be well known. I also plan to continue finding success stories that may instill a vision in you, and maybe new ideas that you can use. I look forward to an exciting 2013. May God bless you in the new year.

Here is an article about the difference in traditional media and blogging.