Remembering Their Sacrifice on Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Veterans’ graves

Today, we in the United States celebrate Memorial Day by remembering their sacrifice.  It is the day we’ve set aside to remember our soldiers who gave their lives in service. It is the day dedicate to remembering what we cannot forget every other day of the year.

The loss of the incalculable treasure of our young men and women.

When I think about these soldiers, I think of the sacrifice they and their families made for so many, without concern for reward or appreciation.

I also think how young so many of them were. Soldiers on the battlefield are not in their forties, fifties, sixties. We look at the men in the VFW and we see mature men with gray hair and weathered faces who have lived most of their lives.

That’s not who we send to war. These soldiers are teenagers or in their twenties. They have young families or are just dreaming of starting a family or still call Momma or Pop for advice.

These are the men and women we honor on this day. Not heroes. Oh, they are but they would never accept that title. They are only doing what they feel they should, for dozens, if not hundreds, of different reasons. But the reasons all boil down to love of their, our, country.

Which makes all of them heroes.

Alejandro Villanuevo, an Army Ranger who plays in the NFL, reminds us why it’s important that we remember our heroes’ courage and sacrifice. Click here for the video.

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