Fight Cyberbullying With Positive Words – Advice from Lori Hatcher

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Before I direct you to a great post by Lori Hatcher about the power of positive words, I want to tell you about some thoughts I have for the direction of this blog.

As you can see from my recent posts, I’ve gotten negligent in my posting. When I think about it, the reason is simple, I’ve lost my focus.

I know many other bloggers run into this. I’ve had this blog going since 2013. The ideas I started with have run out, and my life and  many of my goals have changed. When I started, the purpose of this blog was to help people find jobs and grow in their careers. Although that’s important, it’s no longer my priority.

But not only did my focus change, I was trying to write as the mood hit. It’s hard to continue when you don’t have a goal, a destination.

So, for the next little while, I’m concentrating on a few topics I find important:

  • Finding real success in a fake world.

This goes along with the tagline to this blog, Becoming All that God has Made You To Be. What the world holds up to be success, and what really fulfills us, are often two very different things.

Our president claimed during the primaries that one of his qualifications is the size of his hands. I want to direct us to the One who holds us in the palm of His hand (John 10:29).

  • Finding hope in what seems like hopeless situations.

This focuses on me caring for my adult son with autism. Several blogs have been started by families touched by autism who stopped writing after a few posts. It’s hard to post stories of hope when you’re slogging daily through the details and struggles that life with autism, and other special needs, bring.

But, like darkness at night, the sun will come up – sounds so trite but it’s so true – and there are stars for us to see during the wait.

  • Finding growth in my writing.

I hesitate to list this because I have so far to go. If you’ve read some of my posts, you’d probably agree. And there are an abundance of bloggers who are much more qualified than I and  are better at what we do.

However, learning how to improve in my writing and the business of writing are large parts of my life. So I want to share what I’m learning with you.

It seems that even when I focus, I’m still scattered. But that’s okay. These three, and more, are important to me. This blog will allow me to share my journey with you.


Today, I was very happy to see a post by my friend, Lori Hatcher. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Lori at several conferences and to have some great meals with her at the Asheville Christian Writer Conference at the Cove. What a spread they put out for us.

This morning, Monica Lewinsky was on the CBS Morning Show to speak about cyberbullying. If we would all follow Lori’s suggestion to remember the power of positive words, cyberbullying would be a nonissue. We would all see an increase in what we can do, together.

You can click here to read her post at Hungry for God.


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