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The Lamb

I’ve been watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament the last few weeks. I always find it fun to look at their mascots and try to determine why they chose those particular ones. Most of them are inspiring and are obvious choices: Wildcats, Gators, Badgers, Spartans.

Others make you scratch your head and go, huh? Syracuse is the Orange and Stanford is the Cardinal, named after colors. Then you have Oregon, the Ducks. I love this but it doesn’t exactly make me shake in my boots.

But there’s one mascot I don’t see for any of the schools. A lamb. The cute little animal

A lamb

A lamb

that’s a favorite with children. Doesn’t exactly inspire a team, though. I mean, would you want to take the Lambs to a tournament. Sacrificial, indeed. The Cameron Crazies would rip you apart.

Madison and I watched a show Saturday morning about a petting zoo in California. They talked about their petting area that was in a covered area and had rabbits and lambs for children to come and pet. (My wife, Vickie, is known for reaching into the one at Middleton in Charleston and picking up a little lamb in her arms. Please don’t tell them.)

They had a problem, though. Their web-cam caught a bobcat walking on top of their fence one night. So they did what many farmers would do. They put their alpacas in the pen for protection. Seems that alpacas don’t put up with bobcats.

Easter is about the Lamb. Isn’t it like Jesus to use the weak to symbolize Himself? But Easter shows the victorious Lamb. It is as a lamb that Jesus decides to defeat death. It sounds just like Him.



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    TIM, I LOVED THIS BLOG!!! You are a very smart young man.

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