Do I Need a Coach?

Do I need a professional resume writer? There is no one answer to this. I guess technically there are two: yes and no. Laura Smith-Proulx, a fellow NRWA member, has posted on her blog five things to consider in hiring a professional resume writer or career coach.

Laura holds several resume writing certifications and has helped many executives in their career transitions. She has been published in several media outlets and is sought after for her knowledge and judgment. .

Knowing your job does not mean that you are good at writing about it; especially if you have not written one in a while. Because there are no hard and fast rules on a resume, it can be hard to decide a good way to promote yourself.

It also helps to get another view. Many of us have blindspots toward our skills or special babies that we have a hard time letting go. I often coach clients who have done some pet project in the past that has nothing to do with what they are applying for. Having an extra set of trained eyes can often polish up your resume and tell your story better.

Editors, ghost writers, and proofreaders are helpers that professional writers use to tune up their writing. Shouldn’t you take the same care in the most important document that you are hoping to get you in front of a potential employer?

As Laura posts, there are many people who can write their own resume and I think this is often best. You know what you did and you are the one speaking with the employers. But not all of us have the time or the talent to produce a great self marketing tool. Make the choice that will cause you stand out from the competition.

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