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Who Do You Listen To?

Too be successful, you have to start with good information. Good information for the local community is hard to find. This is hard to believe since we seem to be overwhelmed by noise, digital information and publications at every coffee shop. However, most of the information we get is national information or as deep as a bird bath. Even our local paper is half US News Today. For the local job seeker, you get rehash from CareerBuilder, One of the purposes I started this blog is to connect sources of information to people who are interested in furthering their businesses and careers.

One helpful source that I have found recently is the GSA Business that covers Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson. It comes out twice biweekly and concentrates, of course, on the local economy.

The last edition came out September 10.

One theme that I notice throughout the paper is the proliferation of new on engineering. Both USC (for this blog, USC is The Carolina Gamecocks) and Clemson. Both of these are having record numbers of freshman in their engineering programs. I like how USC let all the engineers have the same classes the first year and then they can decide where they want to specialize in. When I started Clemson, moons ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into. I just knew I wanted to go to college. And blondes are cute. (Yes, I am shallow.)

I also liked the push that the colleges are giving to retaining the engineering students while in school and to keep them in South Carolina. Greenville has many selling points and that is why it is important that the schools have a presence downtown. The more people are involved in our community, the more likely they are to stay.

Rant warning: Our schools are having a great period of successful football squads. Clemson is coming off a championships season. USC is in the top ten and are primed to have a special season. We are nuts for our teams in normal years, this just adds to the fire. Each team is followed by dozens of blogs and reporters and kids who have not played a down is the talk on radio. We give all this attention to something that entertains us for just a few hours 14 times a week. Yet the people and programs involved in engineering labor in anonymity. Now I am not saying the need cheerleaders, bands, and chicken calls, but I am saying when you look at who will have more impact on your lives over their lifetime, our dollars, and a lot of them, may be supporting the wrong programs. Rant Over.

Attention engineering students, the list of engineering firms that GSA has is worth the price of admission.

Another source of local information is Ten At the Top. Ten At the Top was started to increase collaboration with the ten counties in the region. Their goal is to gather information and make successful connections to help people throughout the region.

Greenville has a committed business community and people who are willing to help others reach their goals.  I hope you will find these sources of information helpful. Please let me know if you have a source of information that you have find useful.

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