Birth-The Miracle of Creation

A month ago, I got to witness one of God’s true miracles, the miracle of birth. It is one of those times that leaves us speechless, that reminds us of how weak and small we are, and how great He is. To see a small newborn come out of its mother, and be so complete and developed, shows us of the powers and mysteries of our Creator.

We’d bred our little Persian, Kathy Puff, and had watched her grow and grow. As she got closer to her time, it was interesting how she began to search for and follow my wife, Vickie. As if the mama knew that she wanted Vickie to be there to help.

Kathy Puff reaching out to Vickie
Kathy Puff reaching out to Vickie

My mom had said that she would probably have the babies at night. And sure enough, one night the mother cat got beside my wife in bed and began to make her bed. You could see the kittens moving inside Kathy Puff.

A Persian cat has a lot of hair. We had a tough time telling when the kittens were born because Kathy Puff lay in the corner of the box. But then Kathy Puff turned on her side and the first baby arrived. A perfect two ounce kitten.

We wanted Kathy Puff to break the sack the baby was in. She licked the kitten to and it began to squeak, then Kathy Puff rolled back on her side. Baby number two was born. But it wasn’t moving.

Kathy Puff turned back to number one and got its sack off. Number two never moved.

Three Newborn KittensThen number three arrived.

In all Kathy Puff gave birth to five little kittens, four squirming and alive. They ranged in size from 1.9 ounces to 2. We named them Sudsy, Sunny, Sweetie, Stormy, and Sue.

Each kitten was totally helpless, its eyes and ears closed and unable to stand. They can only push themselves with their front legs. Their only concerns were nursing and staying warm, and for these things they instinctively looked to their mama.

And after number four, she was about given out. It was late at night, although I don’t think that matters to cats or babies. And she had already birthed and cleaned four

Mama cat kissing baby.
Mama cat kissing baby.

babies, when number five showed up. And now she was expected to serve a buffet.


Eighteen years ago, I got to witness another miracle, another birth. That of my son. It was at night. (Are we noticing a trend?) But this time in a hospital bed.

I was standing beside the doctor when she said, “Here he comes.”

All I saw was what looked like the end of a baseball bat. Then the crown of his head tilted and out he came. A perfect little boy.

And my wife and I looked at each other with tears and smiles and knew that our little miracle was here.

I remember later looking out at the busy highway outside our room and thinking, “Didn’t they all know what just happened? How could they just go on like any normal day? A miracle had just happened!”

Watching a birth is witnessing a miracle, the beginning of a life, of new hope, an event of the power and creative force of our Creator. Of something that is beyond our understanding even today.

A reminder of from Whom all creation comes.

1 Col 1:16        For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible . . . all things were created by Him and for Him.

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Fearless Checkers

by Tim Suddeth

It’s funny the places walking your dogs can take you. Often, not so much physically, but mentally. Sometimes it’s a wonder I find our way home.

This morning we were walking down our street when I saw a large calico cat in one of my neighbors’ yards. It was sitting up in a defensive posture, fur fluffed out, well before we got near it. Then it backed up like it was about to run. I’m used to cats calmly watching us walk by, so this got my attention.

But it wasn’t looking at us. It was looking at the ground a couple of feet in front of it. When I got closer, I saw its attacker––a teenage chipmunk. Was it Reepacheek from the Narnia stories? Theodore from the Chipmunks? It was standing up to the much larger cat, showing its front teeth.

It reminded me of something I saw almost fifty years ago. Then it bothered me that I have memories that old. Does this mean that I’m getting––anyway I was two doors down from our house at Grandpa Suddeth’s playing checkers. He had a homemade checker board painted on wood. We used Coca-Cola caps for checkers. One player played with his caps turned label side up.

At his house, it was Coke. Next door to us at Mrs. Burnetts’ it was always and only Pepsi. I don’t know if they ever spoke to each other.

Grandpa Suddeth sat in his chair, chewing on the always present plug of Red Mule tobacco, spit can in reach. This was when they sold the tobacco products at the checkout counter without ID. It was in the summer so his black iron coal stove, that kept us sweating during the winter, wasn’t lit.

I was in one of the early grades. Grandpa was in his later eighties.What? He won the last game we played when he was 91. I can’t remember who was winning this game.

I looked outside and saw a German Shepherd running for all its worth across the field. On its heels was his calico cat whose babies lived in the barn. My daddy had named her Calvin (Oops.) Calvin always greeted my grandparents when they came outside by rubbing against their ankles. You use who for that kind of cat

I said, “Grandpa. Cats don’t chase dogs.” (Ah, my public education paying off.)

“Mama cats do,” he said as he took my king.

Just goes to remind us that we can do amazing things when we choose to stand up to our fears. Like me, playing checkers with Grandpa.

How about you?