Emerging Trends Part 1

One thing that no one will disagree with today is that the workplace is changing. In just the last five years, the rules have changed and we are still trying to determine what that exactly means.

In the September 2013 edition of the Career Convergence Web Magazine, which is published by the NCDA, Caitlin Williams has an article entitled The Landscape of the 21st Century Workplace: Emerging Trends You Need to Know as a Career Development Professional.  This is a synopsis of her book, Career Moves: Be Strategic About Your Future. I love the lesson that is in the title.

She begins her discussion about eight trends that we are currently see changing the workplace.

The first trend she calls “Learning Takes Center Stage”. No matter what your job is, learning doesn’t stop. Because of technology and the evolution of the other trends, we are forced to learn new skills and programs. This learning is can be formally in a classroom, or informal online or, gasp, reading a book.

We are going to have to be more in control of our learning, and we will not be able to depend on our employers.

Is even more important that we get the training we need. We will have to choose what training will be most useful and most valuable.

Now, more than ever, we must take ownership of our career growth. Don’t be in a position ten years from now wishing, “If only I had…”

We will look at the other trends in later posts.