Best Ways to Be Seen

“America’s recruiting leaders say their top priority this year is finding and hiring highly-skilled workers.”*   Emphasis added.

That is great news if you are considering making a move in your career. Many of us have made the best of things because we realize how few opportunities have been available in the last few years. But now we are hearing that things are changing and companies are looking to fill new position or positions they have been holding off from filling. If you have been reading any of my earlier posts, you know that I strongly suggest you do you use this opportunity to reach out and take ownership of your career. So that begs the question, how do I set myself up to be found by the companies? Well, thank you for asking.

LinkedIn did a survey of the “Top Ten Most Important Places to Find Quality Hires” by recruiters. And, yes, it being done by LinkedIn makes me skeptical too, but their answers go along with what I have seen in reading and talking to Hiring Managers.


The importance of this list is that we can use it to help us prioritize our time and efforts in finding ways to locate your next position. When I speak to people they seem to always say that they are looking for jobs on the job boards; CareerBuilder, Monster and the like. And there is a time to use them, but rarely; and never as a substitute for more productive methods of job searching.

Prioritize Your Efforts

(And I just realized I do not like the term “job searching”. I am not looking for a job. I/You are looking for careers. This could be a job or a business or a calling, but not just any job. If you are looking for just any job, a paycheck, you are doing yourself a giant disservice. There are times when you need an any-job, but that should be temporary while you prepare for the real job/business/career/calling that you have really targeted.)

Tied for second is Company Career Websites. No surprise here. When I want information on a company or their positions, I will start with that company’s website. I am going to discuss about having a company target list in the near future.

Also second on the list of Important Places to Find Quality Hires is Social Professional Websites. When I think of Social Professional Websites, the only one I can think of is LinkedIn. (I am attaching a list of twenty here.) And from what I am hearing, though not exactly correct, it is very close. Many companies look at LinkedIn profiles for both active and passive potentials. (A potential is when they are looking before they tell anyone. Hint, hint.) Recruiters and Human Resource’s use of LinkedIn is why I instruct anyone who is thinking about getting a new position, or just increasing your reputation among your colleagues, to get a profile on LinkedIn, and put in it at least the effort you did in your resume.

I spoke to a lady this week who realizes that it is time for her to think about taking the next step, so we discussed her resume. When I brought up her LinkedIn profile, she was like, “Yea, I haven’t got around to that. But my friends keep sending me invites.” (Insert Gibb’s slap on the head.)

The number one, top place to find quality hires…drum roll please…Employee Referral Programs. Did you know they still do that? This is why I stress that you top duty in your career search is to find someone, or someones, who work where you want to. Hopefully in the same department, if possible. LinkedIn has a great tool for that.

So you have a friend or family member who works in a company you are interested in. They sorta know you, and you see each other once a year or so, so they are not strangers. And they will get a bonus if they recommend you. Why are you hesitating to meet with them?

I grew up in Spartanburg county and when peach season comes, I get very nostalgic. Why do you think they set up tents on Woodruff Road and Wade Hampton? (Very traffic heavy roads around here) The same goes for the worker. We have to learn how to best get our reputations noticed, whether online or in person. If you have any questions, or tips, please leave me a comment. You can also reach me at The downturn in our national economy has already robbed many of us of several years to promote ourselves, now is the time to get back on the Monkey Bars.

*John Zappe, U.S. Companies Expect to Step Up Perm hires and See Social Media As A Prime Source, Fordyce Letter Website, June 27, 2013.

Where Are the Headhunters?

One of the ways that you would find work in the past was by working with a recruiter, aka a headhunter. This is much rarer today due to more job searchers and cutbacks in Human Resources. Recruiters are usually used for executive level positions, hard to fill technical positions or very public positions where secrecy is very important. Much of their work is done in secret and they often target the ‘passive job seeker’, the worker that is not looking for a new job.

I am attaching a link to an article from a recruiter explaining more about what he does. Usually, recruiters will find you and this article explains the importance of LinkedIn in this search. You can find the link here.