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Summer Reading

This summer has really been flying by. I had so many plans and dreams, and now August has already come. How did that happen?

I have been very blessed to be able to return to several writer’s conferences this year. In June, I returned to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I have been attending it since 2014 and it I missed not going last year. It is always a time of good instruction, encouragement, and meeting new and old friends. There is just a special feeling about the conference and the site at Ridgecrest.

Now, I am preparing to attend Killer Nashville for my second time. I will be going early for the preconference class on “Writing the Novel: From Idea to Reader’s Hands” by teacher and author John DeDakis. If the weekend will be anything like last time, it will be a whirlwind that will have my head spinning but have me back to writing my books.

Summer reading is so enjoyable, whether it is out in the sunroom watching the birds and flowers or in my regular recliner after a leisure walk through the neighborhood. The evenings are definitely shorter than in the winter, but the extra sun seems to help stay up a little later.

The Olympic Games, on the other hand, are no help. There have been so many story lines to get caught up in. The competition has been compelling. And the athletes have all had to go through so much just to get to Tokyo that their stories have been so inspiring.

I did just finish the 2021 Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel by Louise Penny. “All The Devils Are Here” is a wonderful story set in the historical city of Paris. Penny really makes the city come to life, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the depths of the Paris Archives.

This reads as good as any of the novels from the Golden Age. No wonder it was selected.

Well, until next time, hope you’re able to get some of the books off your reading stack.

Happy reading.


Fake It Till You Make: Overcoming your fear of the new

The Joys of ReadingWe often hear someone tell a newbie at something to fake it till you make it. Wikipedia, the lazy man’s encyclopedia (I love it.), states that this saying “suggests by imitating confidence, competence, and an optimistic mindset, a person can realize those qualities in their real life.”

Now, here we are talking about behaviors, not competences. It’s never okay to say you can speak Spanish or write code when you’ve never done it before. And it isn’t okay to misrepresent yourself. But it is okay, and often wise, to put a smile on even when you aren’t feeling it.

Too often, we wait until we think we’re ready, until we’re feeling it. Unfortunately, our feelings often work against us. Two things feelings are good for, to protect us from threats or from falling on our faces. These are the very risks that we have to face when we attempt something new. Continue reading

Two Great Times To Read: June Readings

There are two times of the year that are great

Sock Monkey reading

Sock Monkey reading by a window.

to be inside reading. One is when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s even better when there’s a blizzard outside. (Here in South Carolina that means a lone snowflake was seen only a mile down the road. ((In the summer, our crepe myrtle can cause a bit of confusion.))

The other time is when it’s hot as blazes. Now, I grew up on a local farm. Hot is when it’s over 96 degrees and you can fry your eggs on the sidewalk. The young weather folks on our local station think it’s hot when we hit 90.

I call that summer in South Carolina. Continue reading

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